I am about to let you in on the most tightly kept secrets of one of the world's multi-billion dollar industries - that you can easily learn how to manufacture an unlimited range of popular professional-grade household, commercial and industrial cleaning products - equal to or better than the big named companies - without a degree in chemical engineering or a million-dollar laboratory.

You can now manufacture all the most profitable environmentally-friendly detergents, all from your own home, shop front, or any location you choose, safely and easily, with virtually no special equipment, and no knowledge of university science. You can be one of the very select few to join the prestigious and glamorous world of chemical manufacturing.

Create your own empire without needing millions in start-up capital.

  • You own the formulations, so you're in control.
  • Promote your brand - not someone else's.
  • Customize your products - you choose the fragrance, the color, the packaging of your range - make thousands of combinations.
  • Work from home.
  • No employees - the chemical manufacturing process is quick and easy - you can even begin in your spare time - no need to give up your day job (unless you want to).
  • No expensive equipment required - you will have some of your needs already at home. The rest is available at supermarket or hardware stores for very low cost.
  • Take advanced orders and have a holiday in between - no shop-front to open or close.
  • No special education, training or experience required - just follow our straightforward instructions, and you will easily be able to manufacture these products.
  • All profit is yours - no royalty or franchise fees.
  • You are manufacturing consumable items - this means regular, loyal, repeat customers. And making cleaning products is just about recession-proof (everyone still keeps cleaning, even when money is tight).
  • You can sell on a small basis to households, a medium basis to small business, or a huge basis to corporations, franchises and government departments.


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